About RuffianGoat!

A page just about me mostly.

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About the Author

One of many profile pictures I use; this one is Ash Jacobs done by one of my close friends!

This is a picture of Ash Jacobs that I had my friend Slowpoke draw as a comission :)

My name is Aleve/Ruffian! My pronouns are They/Them and I have a partner who I've been with for several years who helps me co-host our TTRPGs which we group together under a great umbrella named Parspocalypse (or Parscroleplay.)

I'm a writer, GM, legal nerd, and ADHD mess at times. I love to write about campaign related characters and have made this site mostly as a new outlet since Google Drive was getting boring to stare at.

I enjoy music, writing, painting, baking, and playing games when I have the spare time. If you need a really good cookie recipe that microwaves well and is soft, feel free to message me! I have one that I wrote down off of a website a year or so ago and it is easily my favorite.

Currently I'm playing through Bioshock Remastered, TES: Oblivion, and another playthrough of The Sims 3 which I have over 1050 hours in. My favorite games of all time are Chibi-Robo, Hypnospace Outlaw, and Minecraft.

I have two guinea pigs named Bepis and Gingi. Both are technically Abyssinians, but we got them from Petsmart. They're not fancy in any way, but I still love them. I do also have a dog, but she belongs to my parents. I dream of having pet rats one day because they're so scrungly and smart. I love little bastard creatures.

I have a dedicated site about myself here!

I only use They/Them pronouns, but I am a he or she if it is funnier. I have used He/Him pronouns in the past but I don't identify strictly as a man.

If we aren't friends please do not refer to me as a woman or a man. I am okay with the word "enban" (enby/enban) being used to refer to me ("They are an enban in their twenties.") but please do not refer to me with slurs if we aren't friends. I have seen this become more popular on sites like TikTok and it makes me uncomfortable.

Site Owner Note

All characters described on this page and within this site belong to myself and my partner. If you want to use them in your own writing or campaigns, that is fine, but please credit us in some way. You can contact me on Discord at Aleveithan#0420.